What Does O Level Computing Teach?

o levels computing

You have to be living under a rock, to not understand how popular tech jobs are in today’s world. The skill set of coding, is the one that’s in most demand today. It firms are all the rage and looking at the future, it would be safe to say tech jobs and their huge packages are not going away anytime soon. In order to prepare kids, who would become future coders and programmers of tomorrow, educational institutions wish to start young. This is why beginner friendly computing courses are being taught all across the world. One such course is o levels computing.

What is o level computing and when does it begin?

When it comes to coding, the most basic skill set that needs to be taught to potential coders and developers is not actually how to develop or run a code, it is to develop an analytical skill set. O level computing programmes teaches kids the basics of coding but mainly focused on the analytical and rational thinking part of the process.

The job of an engineer has always been the most sought after. Whether it’s a mechanical engineer, software engineer, or of any other field. Especially in a country like India. However, today the same hype revolves around the job of a coder. Since technology is known to be the future and backbone of the modern world, it’s only fair that coders, programmers and developers, who are the minds behind this technology, also become the most sought after by firms.

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