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Google Shopping is an Easy and fast way for customers online. Does this mean that Google Shopping is the route to market for retailers and suppliers? Is it relevant for expensive or low-cost products? How easy is it to set up and maintain? Will you find a return on advertising spend ROAS using Google Shopping or can it be a loss leader promotion to get shoppers to your site to be up sold and remarketed to? Google Shopping is the present name of the service which enables internet shoppers and users to look for products and compare prices. Previously the service was known as the uninspiring, but exact match keyword phrase Google Product Search, and was also formerly called Fro ogle that although a wonderful play on words of Google and frugal, may have contributed advertisers the belief that those using the service were solely searching for cheap deals and was not the market for quality products at affordable prices.

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Google Shopping Brief information displays images and review dozens of products to the search made by the customer. Ads and the images are placed above the search results. Some people may mistakenly think that getting your products in the Shopping section of these outcomes can be achieved through site optimization SEO. Though SEO will help products within the shopping section, and will help the web site generally, Google Shopping is NOT a part of their search results and to display your products requires advertisements. Google Shopping is additional means to advertise through Google Ad Words.

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Nevertheless, do not be put off by having to spend money. Like Google advertising, handled correctly and if setup, Google Shopping can be a means of generating sales and can provide a return on investment. Since January 2017, Retailers have enjoyed a 52 percent of click discuss for retailers advertisements and the very first time shopping clicks exceeded those of clicks from text ads. If you are a merchant – the quantity is being delivered by Google Shopping. Will Google Shopping Produce a Good Return on Advertising Spend ROAS? Every informed business owner knows that the success of a flourishing business comes from getting sales at the lowest cost possible. However, awareness is driven by you or promotes products there is a cost involved. This is sometimes the cost of printing and distributing a leaflet, through to purchasing TV ad slots and making an advertisement. If you are retail premises, a price tag is involved by simply putting up a poster. All these costs are known as advertising costs and should be quantified to ascertain the revenue or yield generated in spend.

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