Fixing Your White Marble Flooring

This exquisite material will require Normal maintenance and maintenance to maintain that gleaming rich feel that you get from marble floors. Because it’s white marble, you’ll have to be careful when exposing it to regular usage. The reason is that if you get stains and dirt on it cleaning them in the surface of your marble floor can be difficult. To make it easier to wash you will need to be aware of the various techniques you can use at home to assist the initial texture lasting longer and stain free. 1 thing to consider is that marble is a porous substance. You want to clean marble carefully to help prevent scratches and damages from appearing on the marble surface.

To keep marble clean the most Common technique used is to wash and dry it. Fill your bucket with warm water to which you add only a couple tsp of liquid dish washing soap. There are commercial marble flooring cleaners which you can use instead. Use a soft cloth dipped in the mix to wash the floor, slowly removing the stains. If you prefer your marble flooring to get that excess shine you’ll have to wash it again with the same technique but with plain water this time. Once done you want to allow it to air dry. You may also use a special material called chamois to wash your flooring. It’s a sponge-like structure made from the skin of a goat antelope. Using it will help eliminate food and dirt stains from your marble floor when scrubbing it over. For white marble flooring cleaning of stains, you can dampen the chamois with clean water and rub it on the stains.

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When your floor has been stained with Dirt, dust, and grime, you should use a poultice Wipe your marble floor with a soft dampened cloth afterwards to give your floor a glistening appearance. You could even obtain a poultice at home improvement stores.

Another Way of getting rid of Stains on your marble flooring is to use moderate levels of vinegar and ammonia. To prevent any type of reaction with the marble floor that you should be certain it’s been diluted accurately. Test a small area to be certain that it is diluted correctly first to check for any responses. You can also use lemon water or lemon peel to eliminate mild stains like tea, coffee, or meals. Dip a sponge in the mixture and rub the surface. Rinse with water and let dry.

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